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Happy Christmas/Holidays, all! <3

I need help with this one, namely the mouth. It just seems.. off to me, as if the eyes and above are facing one way and below the eyes are angled another way. I took a break from drawing for a while so I'm obviously a bit rusty. Before I begin to dissect and erase parts and potentially ruin/hate this, I thought I'd ask my favourite redlining community first. ;D

On a semi-unrelated note, who else hasn't started wrapping presents yet?
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Pose Aid, please.

Hello everyone :)

I am by far finished with this piece, which is why I am asking for help now. Can anyone offer me some suggestions or reline on this guy's pose? He's supposed to be short and young, and I want his left foot to be up on the barrel while his hand is rested on his knee for support.

I also know his right leg position looks very off as well. Any help would be appreciated ♥

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I apologize for the x-post, too.
TA knot by Jennadelle

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I have absolutely no idea what to do with the foreground hind leg. I want to say the foot by itself thwarts me, but it gives me such grief that I wonder if I'm faking the anatomy of the leg in its entirety (using avian musculature as a reference).

I'd LOVE it if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong here, hah...maybe offer an alternate placement of the leg in question.

Thanks in advance!

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Art Show Piece # 2 Critique Requested

I have another piece that I have a WIP for that I'm planning to put in the artshow at Anthrocon. I'm pleased with the line art thus far, but I wanted to get some feedback on it before I ink and color it. The main thing that I'm having a hard time with are the eyes and the paw holding the icecream cone. I'm trying to go for a slightly anthro version of a wolf so the paw is meant to be a little more animal like.

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Pose for an art show piece

 I am currently working on a piece for the art show at Anthrocon called "The evolution of furry". I wanted to get a good base for the stages of furry evolution to build upon. I'm starting with this figure, then will add ears and tail, partial suit, then a full suit. I wanted to get some feedback on my proportions as well as the face and hands. I like how the hand by his side looks, but the one that is behind him doesn't quite look right. Also, I like how my eyes look, but the mouth needs something different. I'm trying to go for a slightly cheerful look. Here is what I have thus far:

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Edit: I changed the image to include the suggested changes
Mala Antoinette (By HellCorpCeo)

Redline Help?

Could anyone (or three) help me out with this image. I'm stuck on a few areas, though I'm open to help with any flaws you may be seeing in other parts of the image. Basically I'm stuck on the arm, the hand and what to do with the legs. I also think maybe the body is tilted too much? I don't know if this can be solved with the arm position.

Redlines are greatly appreciated. I learn better by seeing then by a bunch of text and technical terms. Even a rough guideline.

Thank you!

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Halloween Town Cierien

First thing I would like to say, please no drastic changes. Like making it entirely your work. But just fix a few things. I think maybe the arms, the thing attahed to the skirt and maybe the legs from what i can tell. But if you see something else go ahead and show me. Anyways here is the picture:

Halloween Town Cierien 
Oh yeah I would also like this done today cause I want to finish this picture completely for Halloween.
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