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cierien in redline_this

Halloween Town Cierien

First thing I would like to say, please no drastic changes. Like making it entirely your work. But just fix a few things. I think maybe the arms, the thing attahed to the skirt and maybe the legs from what i can tell. But if you see something else go ahead and show me. Anyways here is the picture:

Halloween Town Cierien 
Oh yeah I would also like this done today cause I want to finish this picture completely for Halloween.


I would also redline this but like edge_chan said, I think I could only offer you the kind of drastic changes you don't want to see.

You'd definitely benefit from visiting stock photo sites or looking at magazines to reference your poses from.
i don't get magazines plus i've never heard at that site. And I don't want to get anything malitious(sp)on my computer. Also why i don't want anything drastic is cause I want it to be my work. The last time I posted something on here someone redlined the entire thing and made it the way he would. I mean it's nice but it wasn't my work.
Maybe looking at some livejournal communities about modeling and fashion spreads would be a good option for you, since it doesn't require subscribing to a magazine or going to any unfamiliar sites. :)

I understand now where you're coming from in wanting it to be your work. Maybe next time you could phrase it a little better in your post? It came across as you asking for advice but not really wanting advice. If you express that you want help but you still want it to be your work I'm think people will be more receptive to helping you.
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December 2010

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