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cierien in redline_this

Halloween Town Cierien

First thing I would like to say, please no drastic changes. Like making it entirely your work. But just fix a few things. I think maybe the arms, the thing attahed to the skirt and maybe the legs from what i can tell. But if you see something else go ahead and show me. Anyways here is the picture:

Halloween Town Cierien 
Oh yeah I would also like this done today cause I want to finish this picture completely for Halloween.



I swear these changes aren't as huge as they look. The main issue with this piece is that her bottom half looks to small for her top half. I narrowed the shoulders a little, and widened the hips. I also lengthened the legs, and futzed with the draping of the skirt, although frankly that was me not totally understanding what you were doing (the sketch lines are really faint), and can be ignored for the most part. The arm on the right is fine, I just moved it to be in line with the narrower shoulders. The arm on the left was a little long for her body, so that got shortened.

I'm going to reiterate what everyone else is saying: when drawing unfamiliar poses, checking out stock photos is invaluable. deviantart has a really huge stock gallery; you could probably find some helpful reference there.
thanks and I do use deviantart for that, but when i started this I used more like two pictures and I was having trouble finding the one that i used.
redline this

December 2010

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