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whaletrainer02 in redline_this

Pose for an art show piece

 I am currently working on a piece for the art show at Anthrocon called "The evolution of furry". I wanted to get a good base for the stages of furry evolution to build upon. I'm starting with this figure, then will add ears and tail, partial suit, then a full suit. I wanted to get some feedback on my proportions as well as the face and hands. I like how the hand by his side looks, but the one that is behind him doesn't quite look right. Also, I like how my eyes look, but the mouth needs something different. I'm trying to go for a slightly cheerful look. Here is what I have thus far:


Edit: I changed the image to include the suggested changes


First thing I noticed is that his pectorals are too high up and stick out too much. The chest should have a more gentle slant to it. And you've got one too many sets of abs. Also, his chin should jut out more. He looks like he's pulling his head back. Here's a good reference: http://image1.masterfile.com/getImage/NjAwLTAxMjc1NjIwbi4wMDAwMDAwMA=AMuNAU/600-01275620n.jpg
I can't access the link that you posted. Would it be possible to put it up on photobucket or another site like that?
thank you :)
I updated the image with your suggested changes. Do they work? Also I moved the hand in the background as the old position didn't look too natural.
The chin and abs look better. I would still smooth out the upper edge of the pectorals. Right now it juts out then down. I would make it more of a straight line.
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December 2010

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