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Critique/readlines please.

Ive been irritated with this for a few weeks but I really want to finish it.
So here's my plea for critique or redlines to better get it looking.. good.
The front right foot is suppose to be bones but.. as you see I can't figure out how to make it look correct at that angle.
Any help with that part in particular would be great. Anything else you see that I could possibly do to make this look better would also be awesome.
Reference for the pose used.. Some lion photo I found on google but havn't re-found since.

Click image for full view

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How do I end tree branches?

I love drawing trees but I've always had the same problem: I don't know how to end the branches! Either they look too pointy or too flat. I've got an unfinished tree drawing under the cut and I would love to receive some guidance on how to end the branches.

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Critique/readlines please. *VORE*

I adopted someone on the vore exchange and I would love some help with my sketch so far.
Under a cut for size and vore; it's not hard.. actually not even adult in any way... no blood, guts, or current death.. just some teasing of prey.

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I need a modhat icon.

Oh hey people! Mod speakin'. Or typin'. Whichever you wish.

Looking through the community today, I realize there were a whole lot of entries that were somehow overlooked and got no replies whatsoever. I'd like to apologize to anyone who didn't get the help they needed. I'll do my best to get back to what I used to do-- reply to anything that hasn't gotten a reply yet after two days of having been posted.

And now that I've got my mod!hat on, I'd like to say something else-- if you post something here, at least reply to the people who try to help you. If you don't, they won't know if they did a good job or not. Alternately, f you're not happy with the redlines you receive, voice your opinion! You might get what you want the second time around.

Lastly, I'd like to encourage people to post more! Don't be shy, we're here to help.

That's all for now. Good luck drawing/painting/artisting!

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Critique/readlines please.

Click image for full view.

This is the artwork for a commission I'm currently working on.
I'd like some critique or redlines before I finish.
I'm mostly worried about that right hand, the one closed up like a fist.
The tail may not stay(not sure if a wolf/lynx has a wolf tail or not, waiting to be told if it does or not)
So yea.. you can let me know how that should sit too.

Please help. D:
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Help please

I need some critique and some redlines.. I have to re-draw this because I messed up the nose(not the right kind) and before I do I really want some more critique on it.

Please and thank you.

I am doing this for a badge trade with the wonderful and very talented kuria_demonique

Click image for full view.

As I feel it may be important, this is the character I am working on making the badge of.

<3 thank you.

X-posted, sorry if you see it more than once.