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Helping artists one red line at a time!
Welcome to Redline This!

This is a place for you to ask help on how to improve sketches, or editable pictures, before you actually finish them.

It doesn't just have to be helping someone with their anatomy problems. Maybe you don't know how to finish a body that you half finished? A face? Maybe you can't seem to figure out in which perspective to draw something far away or close by in the picture, and need someone else to show you the light.
Or rather, the red lines?

1. Big/several pictures (450+px) and mature things go under a cut, the latter with a warning.
2. Do not ignore anyone who draws below your standard, it's the beginners who need teaching the most, after all.
3. At least try to be moderately nice to everyone.
4. In case of drama, what the admins say goes.

- clsa